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Supported by his highly experienced and skilled team around the world, Amb. Dr. Steven V. Melnik, a political and business diplomat, represents interests and assists presidents of countries, as well as executives of global enterprises, achieve their goals through his vast global political and business network and access to top tier investors, businesses and super professionals. Mr. Melnik capitalizes on his vast experience and multidisciplinary background, abilities, skills, as well as his unique approaches that simultaneously utilize Political, Business, Public Relations, Influence Marketing, Sales, Legal, Financial, and most importantly, his signature Counterintuitive Intelligence ™ insights to analyze challenges, develop effective strategies and achieve desired outcomes.

Steven V. Melnik is Amazon's #1 best-selling author in multiple categories. In addition, he is an
international keynote speaker who regularly speaks at numerous political and business Global
Leaders Forums, a distinguished professor and programs director at the largest business school in the United States. Mr. Melnik hold s a doctorate and a post doctorate degrees (New York University School of Law); he is an attorney, CPA, a U.S. financial industry professionals' standards setter and a former advisor to the United States Treasury Department's subgroup on financial crimes. Mr. Melnik is a president of a national bar association; served as a chairman of continuing education programs for attorneys, tax and financial professionals where he conducted educational events together with the offices of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Medicaid, Social Security Administration, District Attorney's Office & others. Mr. Melnik's professional career began on Wall Street, at the world's largest consulting and accounting firm, where he had a uniquely successful career. Mr. Melnik serves as an advisor to and a representative of various governments and governmental entities. As an international diplomat, he negotiates, drafts and serves as a signatory to international financial and political cooperation agreements between countries. He has been appointed as a Global Honorary Ambassador-at-Large for one of the newly created European countries. Founder of Counterintuitive Intelligence Approaches System™ and related worldwide events that have been live streamed to over 20 countries, Mr. Melnik conducts leadership seminars to heads of states and executives of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Melnik is also a founder of the Happiness Amplified program, where he engages with current and former heads of states, royalties, executives of major enterprises, global influencers and other thought leaders. Mr. Melnik made numerous appearances in practically every major U.S. news network, including NBC, CBS, CNBC, and Bloomberg; and was interviewed by major publications including the New York Times and Forbes. Mr. Melnik published articles in leading professional and academic publications. In addition to other engagements, Mr. Melnik is an equity partner in a global financial and natural resources conglomerate (fintech, banking, hedge fund, money remittance, and gold mining); as well as in a global gambling and lottery enterprise.

Renee Yuting


President of GFOA

Chairwoman Asia Pacific at Harvester Trust

FSUN-UNO(The Foundation for the Support of the United Nations ) Chairwoman for Greater China

Miss Asia Miss Friendly

Visionary Leader for Business and Global NGOs

Ms. Yuting is a passionate global leader and high achiever who lead a lot of global scale collaborations in both global NGOs and financial market.  She is also a visionary business leader for social impact projects. Over the years, Yuting has provided vision on change initiatives to improve the lives of people and achieving a world full of opportunities for sustainable growth and development.With her experiences in diverse fields, Yuting established herself as a resource person in her areas of specialty. Yuting’s talent and wealth of experience have seen her numerous international deals and collaborations. Her strong public relations skills and business leadership is evident in her speaking engagements which focuses mainly on doing business in international institutional levels . 

Global Financier 

With an excellent grasp of trading and wealth management practices, Yuting has backgrounds as a highly talented and motivated investment management professional with the strong ability to execute initiatives that result in record-breaking revenue growth. Experienced finance professional with a proven record of evaluating business and investment opportunities, deeply understanding companies and their markets and making sound and profitable investment decisions. Expertise in the identification and implementation of financial management strategies to capture cost improvement opportunities while impacting profits margin.


With a clarity of vision, Yuting manages core functions across the facets of financial management, marketing and partnership to drive the actualization of growth, revenue and profitability objectives. Over the years, Yuting has provided vision on change initiatives to improve the lives of people and achieving a world full of opportunities for sustainable growth and development.


Adelina Yang



Chairwoman at GFOA / Chairwoman at Rehoboth Investment Grou / Managing Partner at Australia Richistan Family Office / Miss China USA 2017

From “Politics” to “Finance”

Ms. Adelina worked in the China State Council and the United Nations before. As an outstanding youth representative of China, Adelina was interviewed by the president of different countries many times. Later, she become the U.S. Venture Partner of the top China’s VC - Cybernaut Investment Group, and then worked at Morgan Stanley, USA. At present, she owns 7 companies and one NPO in the world, mainly engaged in cross-asset and multi-currency investment, global stock trading, merger and acquisition, charity and so on.

Background with Globalization  and Strong Buy-In Power

Ms. Adelina was graduated from the University of Southern California with straight A in Master Degree. She is proactive and trustworthy with integrity, strategic thinking and strong executive force. In the past 20 years, her family has directly managed the assets of nearly 2 billion USD of ultra-high-net-worth Chinese in the United States for investment, and has 150 + connections and sticky trust of the ultra-high-net-worth Chinese families with more than 1 billion USD investable assets.

Ask Not What Your Society Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for Your Society

Ms. Adelina‘s family are keen on charity without seeking any return, only altruism. As a Christian, Adelina respects love and dedication. She has donated for several years to the students of file registration in poor mountainous areas to encourage them to work hard and learn to be grateful and give back. It has become a habit for her family to cooperate with many charitable foundations to launch charity all over the world.


In the late of 2019, considering the great opportunities and huge wealth of China‘s growth in the new decade, Adelina’s family moved from Los Angeles to Beijing, China. Now, she and her family manage top Chinese billionaire families’ assets and  their own family’s assets for wealth planning and investment.


Charles  W. Sullivan



Board Member at GFOA / Elite at Harvard  Club / President at Premier Event Management Inc. / Co-Producer of First Super Bowl / Former US Army Captain

In 1967, Mr Sullivan co-produced the first Super Bowl as the representative of the American Football League and also co-edited the first Super Bowl program. Captain in the United States Army and project officer at the U.S. Army Infantry Center at Ft. Benning, Georgia for the filming of the Green Berets starring the late John Wayne, the late Aldo Ray and the late David Jansen,  Produced eight "Up With People" shows and an Armed Forces Day show at Benning headlined by the late LaVern Baker.

Project Officer for the 1968 Bob Hope Christmas Show from Southeast Asia starring the late Bob Hope, Ann-Margret, and the late Les Brown & His Band of Renown. He was also Project Officer for the visit in July of 1969 of the late President Richard Nixon to Thailand and assisted the President with the successful negotiation of the extension of leases for US Air Force bases in Thailand.

Director of Public Relations and subsequently Executive Vice President for the New England Patriots Football Club and the owner of Sullivan Stadium, a 60,000 seat venue in in Foxboro, Massachusetts. When the Patriots earlier played at Harvard Stadium,  Sullivan presented a pregame show of Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. He presented shows at Sullivan Stadium of the late David Bowie, Willie Nelson, the Police, Simon and Garfunkel, Madonna, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, A Flock of Seagulls, Bob Dylanand  the Grateful Dead, Waylon Jenningsand Thommy Makem & The Clancy Brothers. He served for eight years as Chairman of The National Football League Management Council.

After starting his legal career at the firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, Sullivan became the founding managing partner of the New York office of the the New England firm of Edwards & Angell and subsequently the co-founding Managing Partner of the New York office of the California firm of O'Melveny & Myers. The O'Melveny New York office launch was a quite successful market entry for an out of state law firm as the New York office of O'Melvenynow now  has more than 200 lawyers and is continuing its amazing growth.Producer of the Jackson Victory Tour featuring the late Michael Jackson which was seen by more than 2,200,000 million fans over 52 performances in 22 venues in the United States and Canada.Chairman of Oriental Development USA which is negotiating partnerships of US hospitals to provide training for doctors and administrators for hospitals in China.

Michael S. Wu

Board Member

Board Member & Chief investment Officer at GFOA Co-Founder & Managing Partner at HT family office Former Managing Director & Chairman‘s Club Member at Morgan Stanley USA Former Managing Director at Merrill Lynch USA

HT Family Office - 10 Billion Multi-Family Office

Mr. Wu has the very rich experience and resources of global wealth management and intergenerational inheritance planning. In the past 20 years, he has managed billions USD of fully trusted assets for more than 30 ultra-high-net-worth Chinese families in the United States. He has helped them with excellent asset allocation and diversification, risk management, and asset appreciation based on the needs of the families. Mr. Wu has been continuously trusted and praised by numerous billionaire families. Since 2010, Mr. Wu already assisted families establish and complete a number of extremely complex family trusts.


He returned to China under the invitation of a top billionaire family in which he has had a 15-year long friendship with in order to establish a Multi Family Office – The HT Family Office. The HT Family Office is a multi-family office with offices in Hong Kong and Beijing.

The HT Family Office was jointly founded by Mr. Wu and Hongtao Family Office which is one of the earliest single-family offices with 20 years history in China. After Mr. Wu joining, the HT Family Office gradually formed a family alliance, sharing scarce resources and investing in high-quality projects. The HT Family Office has very strong buy-in power with deep trust of top Chinese billionaires over 10 billions wealth. The fixed investment assets of HT Family Office is at least 100 million every year. From the beginning of 2020 to July 2020, the HT Family Office has invested in primary market and secondary market more than 30 million USD worldwide and 100 million yuan. Besides, it has its own FOFs. At present, the HT Family Office is looking for the best projects worldwide.



Mr. Wu is based on China Mainland, HK, and the U.S. now. He has very elite team globally。Considering the foreign exchange control of China, the HT Family Office  is different from the general family office in China. It is more globalized. The famies has already legally and reasonably owned multiple currencies and can invest in the world.



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